Bondora Platform Review

Bondora Platform Review

This P2P lending platform is based in Estonia and currently the largest in EUR denominated listed loans. According to their site they have processed more than 1 billion euros of loans since their launch in 2009. The platform is well established in the P2P lending market and the investor can tap the lending business according to his/her risk-appetite.

Listed Opportunities

Bondora lists loans both in the primary and the secondary market and offers you returns ranging from 6.75% and up.
The loans listed are originated from Estonia, Finland, Slovakia and Spain.


One of their greatest features and the main reason I decided to use them is that you can tap the p2p market and let them do all the heavy-lifting of diversification.

  • You can diversify your money between the conservative automated portfolio manager and the speculative manager aiming higher returns.
  • You can setup your preferences in terms of loans duration, loan rating and rates. They have recently added the portfolio pro feature which gives you the option to select in which loans to invest in exactly.
  • You can setup the minimum amount invested through the portfolio manager to EUR 1.00 which means makes the diversification process very wide.
  • You can select an automatic-transfer in between the two mechanisms so as to “park” (as i prefer to say) your proceedings from the speculative loans to the more conservative investments aiming at a passive income, my holdings currently run at a gross of 10.85%

No BuyBack Guarantee

The main drawback on this platform is that they don’t have loans with a buyback guarantee.

Lack of Freedom

Unlike other p2p platforms I am using, Bondora doesn’t give you the option to select and choose directly the loans you will invest. This is mainly because of the automated portfolio managers they have in place, however, other platforms do offer it.

Try out Bondora from here and receive a bonus of cash from your first investment