Housers Platform Review

Housers is a Spanish crowdfunding real easte platform founded in 2015 and has been expanding ever since. The platform lists property opportunities mainly in Spain and Italy and have recently added Portugal in their portfolio.

Housers Platform Review

Listed Opportunities

The listed deals are in the uptrending real-estate market of Spain and Italy, that is what first drew me into investing with them. They have receintly added some listings in Portugal and they claim to be expanding in other european countries soon.

Easy to Shift your Investments

The platform offers a number of listings with different yields of return in 3 types of investments which allows you to diversify your money widely enough:

  • You can invest in Buy-to-Let properties; aiming at a monthly rental income, the investor earns the rent proportional part of his/her investment. This represents the best form of creating a passive income.
  • You can invest in Buy-to-Sell properties; aiming at capital gains, investment in renovation or construction of properties for subsequent sale. Selling your investment is easily done through their Direct Communication Channel, I have tested it.
  • You can invest in Development loans; aiming at a monthly interest, interest is paid on a monthly basis and the principal is repaid at the end of the term (basically like investing in bonds).

Minimum Amount Required

The minimum amount required to invest in this platform is EUR 50.00. This requirement allows you to tap the real estate market with a small amount of money (significantly less than the amount you would need to accuire a property). On top of that, by placing the minimum amount per investment you can easily deversify your placements per type of investment, country and areas.

User-Friendly Interface

The outline of the listed opportunities and the navigation around the interface is straight-forward. The FAQs section provides the new user with sufficient information about the mechanics of crowdfunding and guides the potential investor step by step through the investing process


All of he operations of the platform is regulated by the Spanish financial markets regulator. Should the company go bust, investor’s funds remain secure.

Concentration of Listings

The platform lists property deals only in 3 countries. Although the Spanish and Italian property market are on the rise I would like to have the option to invest in other European countries as well.

Lack of Auto-reinvestment

I would prefer to have the ability to automate the reinvestment of my proceedings from my investments by setting up specific preferences. The platform does not support that yet.

Try out Housers from here and receive a bonus of cash from your first investment