Mintos Platform Review

Mintos Platform Review

Mintos is a Latvian based P2P lending platform which launched in 2015 offering a large number of loans worth about 1.5 bln euros. It is currently the leader in the p2p lending market holding a merely 38% market share according to AltFi Data. The company has physical presence in Riga, Warsaw and Mexico and is currently looking to expand to Brazil, Russia and the south East of Asia. The number of loan originators listed is currently at 60.

Listed Opportunities

Mintos has become a marketplace for loans as it lists not only individual borrowers but the loans held by loan originators as well. This gives you the benefit of investing in loans with a buyback guarantee; if a loan goes default, the loan originator will initiate the selling of the collateral used and pay back the lender the principal amount invested.

  • You can invest in a number of different currencies as per the origin of the loans listed and per type of loans as per the purpose of issuance.
  • You can invest in mortgage loans, car loans, personal loans, invoice financing and business loans. The have recently added investing in agricultural loans as well.
  • The minimum amount allowed to invest is EUR 10.00.

Diversification therefore can be achieved in a number of ways and as wide as one prefers.

Auto Invest Feature

This tool gives the investor the option to preset preferences as to how to reinvest proceedings from his/her current holdings. In my case, I have setup a minimum rate of interest of 12% for primary issued loans with a buyback guarantee and up to 12months of duration and for the secondary market loans I have in preset the purchase of loans with a minimum of 14% interest rate, a buyback guarantee and a duration between 14 and 24 months. The maximum amount as per loan investment is set at EUR 10.00 (in order to spread my money as wide as possible).


The user interface is fairly easy to use and the drop-down menus on setting up your risk-appetite preferences makes the loan screening process fast. Even for platform beginners, the interface is straight forward.

I tend to diversify my exposure in the p2p lending market by using as many platforms as possible, but my larger amount of money invested in p2p lending currently is through Mintos.

Try out Mintos from here and earn a cashback bonus